Heidi Shrader

My love of volleyball first started in the late 80’s as a ball girl for the National teams and UW. That love grew in the 90’s and while I played in school and at Rain City I became a Referee and Regional Scorekeeper. After graduating in 1999 I continued to referee and keep score for all ages while I began learning to coach from some incredible mentors. I have been coaching ever since and I now prefer to use my non coaching weekends to help local tournaments as a site director instead of as a day official. I have been lucky enough to travel a large portion of the country with my husband Dan and our two boys Eli and Calvin on the rare occasions my volleyball calendar is clear.

Matthew Dawson

I am Coach Matt, Dawson, Matthew, Matt or even just Coach… Something close to one of those should work. I somewhat recently moved to the Seattle area from Missouri, but spent the majority of my life in the Dallas area. I was previously with Northwest Juniors (where I coached Fall Academy and club), but I coached in Missouri for a medium-sized club called Extreme (both indoor and outdoor) before moving to Washington. Before coaching, I played indoor and outdoor in various tournaments, leagues, and open gyms as an adult. Before that I played on my school club team against several larger schools (Texas A&M, Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Rice, etc.) during the indoor season, and I played beach with a club teammate as much as possible because I grew up playing sand volleyball and it was my original passion.

As far as something I personally bring to this team… I understand where everyone of you are coming from when it comes to your player-athlete. I have 4 children and my oldest is a sophomore volleyball player at Lynnwood. I have been a parent in the stands for club and school ball and even on the sidelines as her club coach. Trust me when I say I want your kid to have a great season, and I wish the best for our entire team. As a parent, I will support you if your child needs some of your parenting (especially when it comes to school), but please do not confront your child in front of their teammates.