–U17 Storm

October 17, 2017 Comments Off on –U17 Storm

1Addy Rosenau
3Remie Atwood
4Sofia Brekkan
5Mikayla Servidad
6Quinn Reeves-Bacigalupi
8Olivia Reeves-Bacigalupi
14Sofia DeCoteau
19Kira Moreno
23Kiara Renstrom
35Audrey Coon

Rain City U-17  Storm

Coaches: Bret Renschler, Hailey Cross

Coaching Philosophy

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

 Effort is all I expect. If you show me 100% effort at all times, no matter the outcome, I will be happy. Period. However, expect to be challenged and pushed. My goal is to make you a better player on the court and a better person off the court. I believe that sports are something you should look forward to, something you should be passionate about, otherwise, why play? Never lose sight of the passion and love of the sport. If you are ever struggling or feel burnt out, talk to me. We have all been there. I don’t ever want volleyball practice to be something you don’t look forward to.

 Player Expectations

 Players should come to practices, tournaments and all team/club functions with a positive attitude and good sportsmanship. This includes, but is not limited to, respecting teammates, parents, opponents, officials and other people we may be interacting with. Remember, you are not only representing yourself, but you are also representing your team, your club, and me. You should be respectful at all times, (Think: the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would like done to you!) but be especially aware when you are in your Rain City Gear. Represent us well!

 Furthermore, to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be in trouble!  Allow yourself time to prepare for practice and tournaments, which includes putting your gear on and setting up equipment! No one starts warm up or gets to leave until everything is set up or torn down. If a conflict should arise and/or you are going to be late, please contact me via phone call/text/email/fax/telegram/smoke signal!!! (Okay, maybe not the last three, but PLEASE let me know!)

 Playing Time

 Practice how you want to play in tournaments.  It’s the best way for coaches to evaluate you and make sure that we are using your skills to their full potential.  Playing time is not equal.  It is earned through hard work and proven performance in practice and tournaments.

 Line-ups are carefully created to use TEAM strengths and chemistry to our advantage at game time. Coaches also know that a strong team carries a strong bench with contagious enthusiasm and game focus so that they may be called upon at any moment.

 Parent Expectations

 Just as I expect your daughters to come to practice and tournaments with a positive attitude and good sportsmanship, we expect this from our parents too.  You are the most important influence in your daughter’s life; therefore, your opinions and comments count.  Parents are expected to support not only your daughter, but also the team and the program by staying positive, constructive and respectful to all players, opposing teams, officials, and staff.  Please don’t put your daughter in a position to defend herself, her teammates and/or her coaches.

  Coaches are more than happy to speak with you about your daughter, but we ask that you:

·        Insist that your daughter try to work out volleyball-related issues directly with coaches before enlisting your assistance. Learning to deal with authority figures is a huge benefit of participating in organized sports.

·       Remember that independence through athletics is critical in a child’s development. Parents should consider the value of stepping back and “releasing” their child to their sport, except where there is clear evidence of physical or emotional concerns.

·       Avoid jumping to conclusions and/or measuring your daughter’s experience solely on playing time. Remember that some teenagers tend to exaggerate both when praised & criticized, and decisions about complicated issues (like playing time) are usually the product of many factors. We strive to teach your daughters to love the sport and value all opportunities provided.

24-Hour Rule

 The “24-Hour Rule” will be in place for the entire season. In a competitive setting, emotions are high, and things can escalate easily. Cooler heads are inevitably more productive, so if an issue/concern arises, please wait 24 HOURS after the triggering event to speak with us before or after practice.  I will NOT discuss an issue immediately before, during, or immediately after a tournament.