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Promise for Good Sports is a program working with teams to provide training for parents, athletes and coaches with the skills required to create Mutually Supportive Team Communities, to become Savvy Sports Parents, Resourceful Athletes and Expansive Coaches.  By developing the skills to establish mutually supportive team communities, parents, athletes and coaches are able to experience contentious-free and opportunity expanding sports that inspire, empower and unify individuals, teams, families and networks of volleyball families.

Rain City Volleyball Club is commited to building supportive team communities through parent, athlete and coach planned activities meant to enhance the team community.

Rain City Volleyball Club is pleased to announce it has been selected as one of the first clubs in the United States to form a partnership with USA Volleyball (USAV) and Promise for Good Sports (PGS) to provide leadership in developing highly effective teams in which parents, athletes and coaches work together to maximize team effectiveness.  This partnership provides Rain City with access to the leaders within USA Volleyball and Promise of Good Sports to provide guidance for employing best practices in the club.  USA Volleyball (USAV) is the national governing body for the sport that administers the US Olympic teams and conducts the Junior National Championships.  PGS is a sports enhancement organization administered by internationally recognized youth sports experts most of who have 30 years of experience in working with junior volleyball club leaders to enhance their programs.  PGS is a non-profit arm of the Volleyball Festival organization that has been administering a national all-comers event since 1984, which in 2011 is being held in Phoenix.

 Two members of Rain City staff, Cheryl and Vickie Hinkle were certified in Washington DC in August by USAV/PGS staff to administer the Team Enhancement Program. These two junior volleyball leaders are also initiating an innovative demonstration team enrichment program with two of the Rain City teams for the 2011 season.  Clubs from the Puget Sound USAV region will be invited to visit Rain City USAV/PGS educational sessions for parents, athletes and coaches throughout the season so that they can determine whether they wish to make use of the demonstration team program in 2012.  For information about the details of the Rain City cutting edge programs email Cheryl Hinkle at